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“Playing the Energy Field”  pp. 53-57 in the July – Aug 2019 edition of Energy Magazine



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to Everything Is Energy by Imagine If Coaching and Consulting where everything is about your healing journey!

Who We Are

Imagine If Coaching and Consulting was formed by Linda and Rod Thomson.  They combine years of experience working with individuals and teams with years of study of metaphysics, healing energy, personalities, and more.  Together they have created a unique approach to healing that combines a set of knowledge and skills that is rarely found in one company.  The approach is energetic. Yet, grounded.


What We Do

We provide a variety of services to assist clients with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.  We divide those services between self-care and personal development. Our self-care offerings focus on energy healing using techniques, such as, Healing Touch, sound healing, and past life regression.  Our personal development offerings compliment these techniques by helping the client shift their energy and their mindset to achieve healing and to reach their life goals.  For clients with small businesses, we leverage our business experience to provide  coaching to assist them in reaching their goals.


Where We Are

We are physically located in the Denver, Colorado area.  We can provide services across the United States via video with the exception of a few specific services.


How We Approach Healing

The success of our clients begins by approaching their challenges in an investigative manner that drives toward the source of each issue.  By using this method, we can approach each client as the unique human being that they are.  This approach increases client engagement, which is the secret to success.

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