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Our solutions are as unique as our clients!


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playing the energy field

“Playing the Energy Field”  pp. 53-57 in the July – Aug 2019 edition of Energy Magazine



Why Imagine If Coaching & Consulting

  • Customized for you!
  • Holistic approach
  • Flexible to meet your schedule
  • No long-term contract



Our focus


Imagine If Coaching and Consulting custom tailors our services to each client. We frequently intermix  our self-care, personal development, and business coaching services as needed for our clients. 


The true key to our client’s success is client engagement. We firmly believe that true motivation and change comes from within!

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Self-care is  a critical part of  all aspects of life. Our self-care offerings are focused on clearing and aligning the energy of your body to healing and optimal energetic health.


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Personal Development

Personal Development is an on-going process that most people seek at various points throughout their life. It can be beneficial to even the most accomplished.


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Business Coaching

Business coaching is beneficial to those starting a new business, wanting to turn a hobby into cash, growing an existing business, or to help with specific business challenges.    


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