Connecting to Your Desires


It is easy to say that your job, current relationship, or life in general isn’t satisfying. However, it is often far more challenging to define what it is that you truly desire.


Connecting with that part of us that brings pure joy is extremely rewarding, but often difficult to achieve. Sometimes we have spent so much time taking care of the chores of life that we don’t even know if we can feel joy. Other times we aren’t sure that we are worthy of joy. And, in other situations, we know what we think brings us joy, but we may be completely off base.


Connecting to Joy


The first step in connecting with what you really want is to give yourself permission to feel joy and to do something that you truly desire. This includes removing the words “can’t,“ “should,“ and “but” from your vocabulary. Replace them with phrases, such as, “I desire,” “I have always dreamed of,” and “I feel joy when.”


The second step is to step into the energy of joy. Feel it. Experience it. Live it. Then look around and see what is part of that world. It is the things that exist in a big way in that world that are the things that you truly desire in your life.




You may be surprised by what you experience. That large screen TV that you thought was so important may not even exist in the world of joy. If it does, it may be secondary to other things.


A TV may seem superficial, but the same concept applies to what you believe is your life’s work, your stated dreams, and/or your goals. What you may have, for years, believed was important may actually not be something that brings you true joy. Therefore, when you step into joy, you may be surprised to see yourself doing something very different.


You may also be surprised if you have trained yourself to believe that you have no passion or that nothing exists that would actually bring you joy. When you step forward, you may be excited to find yourself actually experiencing joy. The activities or interests that popped into your mind may seem to have just appeared from out of a void.


Feeling Worthy


The third step in connecting with what you truly desire is to feel worthy of the joy it brings. For some people, this is the hardest step. If you are one of them, you may consciously or subconsciously know what you want. However, you may find it difficult to take steps toward manifesting your dreams.


If you experience this challenge, consider if you feel that you deserve joy. Consider if there is any underlying fear of being happy. If you find yourself in this situation, work must be done regarding self-esteem and personal power before you will be able to embrace your passion and experience true joy. All the dreaming in the world and the most fantastic goals will not move you forward if you don’t believe you deserve joy.


The fourth step in connecting with what you truly desire is to take action! Take steps, no matter how small, toward your dream. It is only through action that your dream can come true!


Start today by stepping into joy!