We often dissect things rather than looking at the whole. When we consider the human body we think about an arm and a leg as two components of the body. However, those components are really nothing on their own. In order to function, blood must flow to the extremities to give them energy. Likewise, nerves must attach the limb to the brain to create voluntary and involuntary movement.


When any component of this system becomes compromised, the extremity no longer functions perfectly. In some cases, it can’t function at all.


The human body is one of the most complex systems in the world. It contains many functions. Many of the basic functions combine to create more complex functions. Yet, people are individuals and have unique characteristics. Most characteristics of people are within ranges that are felt to be common, but not all are. These are the reasons why medicine, for all the strides and understanding that have been gained over the years, still has a long way to go.


Even if we consider the human body as a whole, we are still considering only a component since the human body is not a standalone object. People have thoughts and emotions that go beyond the physical function of cells or systems in the body.


Beyond all the things that make people human, people also share space, energy, and emotions with others. We are all cogs in the universal machine. If a cog (person) is in some way damaged, the universe suffers just as the leg suffers if it does not receive oxygen or nerve impulses.


Each positive word and action you take heals not only you and those to whom you direct your comments and actions, but it also heals the world. Likewise, every negative word or act of aggression hurts not only those it is directed toward, but also you and the world as a whole. Thus, it is important to choose your battles and choose your words carefully. Choose wisely!