When you travel, everything generally goes smoothly unless something throws you off schedule. As soon as you miss one connection, it seems that the problem multiplies. It becomes more complicated to reach your destination. You may end up taking more hops and sometimes travel to a city other than your destination and follow that with train, bus, or car travel.


Minor Disruptions


Sometimes even a minor thunderstorm that lasts only a short time can cause such a disruption if you are flying from a city on the east coast where the skies are often congested. In these situations, if your flight misses its slot, you end up waiting and waiting. Sometimes it is several hours before you are allowed to take off when the storm lasted only fifteen or twenty minutes.


When this occurs, you are thrown off schedule. If you have a connecting flight out of another airport, you may find yourself sleeping on the floor waiting for a flight the next day. However, it may also mean that you miss out on sleep or miss a portion of a planned activity.


Major Disruptions


When a major disruption occurs, such as, a major snowstorm that affects an entire region, the impact on travel can last days. Rescheduling becomes challenging and tempers often flare. One has to remain both determined and flexible to reach their destination. If you are going on vacation, you just have to face the fact that you are going to be spending a lot more of your vacation traveling than you planned. Flying from Denver to LA to get to Miami – no matter how unreasonable that may seem – might now be the only way to get there in the next two days.


At times, however, your schedule may no longer allow for the trip or you miss a planned event as you cannot reach the location in time. In these situations, your trip is completely derailed. In some cases, you can take the trip at a later date, but you will never be able to attend the wedding or birthday celebration that you missed.


Connections In Life


Connections in other parts of our life are very similar to connections in travel. If we miss making a connection, it can throw us off course. Sometimes this lasts for a short time and we are quickly back on track. However, other times, missing the connection can truly alter our lives.


Keeping an eye out for connections and paying attention to them when you notice them, is key to gliding through life. When we fail to notice connections or dismiss them as unimportant, bumps occur in the road. We no longer move smoothly through life and can be thrown completely off course.