seasons of life - summer



In the previous article in this series, we discussed the birth and growth of human life during the spring season.


Summer Begins


During the summer season, the stem is bright green and the flowers unfold with brilliant colors. The imperfections are greater than in the early days of the plant’s life, but are still hidden by the beauty of the plant. Likewise, humans appear less flawed at this point than in later seasons in their life.


As humans enter the summer season, they come into full bloom. By the time they enter adulthood, they have neared completion of their mental and physical development. They have developed a strong stem composed of their knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors. They may continue to learn and change throughout their life. However, their foundation is now strong and the changes will be more incremental.


At this point, both plants and humans are ready to stand tall with less care required. Humans may even believe that they are beyond the need for nurturing. However, all humans need nurturing throughout all the seasons of life.




It is during this phase of life, that humans have the most freedom. This allows them to be the most present in the here and now. They are focused on themselves, their careers, and their relationships. During this time, they may forget about the other seasons. They are glad not to be a child any more and they don’t really want to consider future seasons.


They may also have a lack of focus on family and friends that are in other seasons of life. They don’t call home as often or may not visit their grandparents. This is particularly true in the early part of summer.


Summer Progresses Toward Autumn


As the season progresses, people are more likely to have children of their own. As they do, their focus on the other seasons comes roaring back. They are now in the caretaker position with their child. Additionally, there is nothing like having a baby to bring your parents and other family members back into a person’s life. Suddenly, the focus shifts from the individual to the child and with that comes the broader family.


Through becoming a parent, many people come to the realization that the other seasons are still awaiting them. After inviting their parents back in their life, they may come to understand that interacting with the other seasons can be beneficial to them on their journey through summer and future seasons.


In the next article in this series, we will discuss the autumn season.