Revolutionary War


In this series of posts, we are exploring what would happen if the world suddenly stopped and you were transported to another time in history. Previous articles have explored the WWII and Civil War eras. Now, we will turn our attention to the days of our country’s formation – approximately 240 years ago.


Only moments ago you heard the bells ring throughout the city of Philadelphia. You rush to the State House to hear the very first reading of the Declaration of Independence.


This day has been long in coming. The men in America have grown weary of England’s taxes and rules. They have decided that they will no longer stand for England’s rule. Thus, they have created a Continental Congress, held secret meetings, and prepared as best they could to hold off the British Army.


Battles Have Begun


Battles have already begun, but British troops have not yet reached Philadelphia. However, you know that they will be heading toward you soon. The British would love nothing more than to take the city that has been so instrumental in the fight for independence.


You love America and have been involved in rounding up men to join the militia in preparation for the day that the British move your direction. You have become connected to this land and to your brothers who have also come here seeking freedom of religion and ideas. Yet, you remain conflicted.




Despite your differences with The Crown, you have connections that run deep in your homeland. You have left so many of your friends and family behind in England. In addition, all your ancestors have lived there for as far back as records exist.


So, as you prepare for the fight ahead, you do so because your strength of conviction in the goals and ideals you share with the men of this land outweigh your connection to England. Your family and friends are not your enemies and you are not theirs. Neither is your homeland really your enemy. It is simply that you and your brothers in America want to break the connection between yourselves and the King who is keen on taxation without representation and punitive actions to keep the colonies in line.


In Your World


Coming back to the present, the questions for you are: Is there anything that you believe in strongly enough that you would give up your friends, family, and homeland for it? Do you always direct your anger/conflict in the right direction and toward the right person? How do you handle connections to two things in conflict?


In the next article “The Day The World Stopped – Prehistoric Era,” we will dive into a world where humans did not exist.