The bodies of living creatures are amazing. They are so intricately designed that if they didn’t exist, no mind could conceive of them. The interweaving of systems in the body is an incredible feat. Millions of instructions are processed every second to make a body perform correctly.


People take their bodies for granted until something happens that creates pain or diminishes the capability of some part of the body. Then, the person reports that their arm hurts or their back hurts. Sometimes it is that simple. The person strained a single muscle and caring for the muscle resolves the issue.


Causes of Pain


Many times, however, the issue is more complicated.  The pain or lack of movement that a person experiences may arise from a different location in the body.  Sometimes, it isn’t even  a single issue that causes the problem, but a series of different issues. All of this comes about because the body is complex and functions are intertwined.


For instance, pressure on a nerve in the spine can result in shoulder pain.  The issue can have very little to do with the shoulder itself.  It is simply the location the pain manifests. Likewise, pressure on the right place on your foot might be felt in your head or arm. Modalities, such as reflexology and acupuncture, utilize this interconnectivity to relieve pain.


Difficult Diagnosis


The infinite number of connections in the human body is also the reason that diagnosis and healing are often very challenging. A single symptom can sometimes be one of several for many different ailments. This is why medical history including any falls, accidents, or surgeries is so critical.


Still, this information may not be enough to truly understand and heal the issue as the connections go beyond the physical body. For instance, a person who feels they have no reason to live is unlikely to heal.  All the right diagnosis can be made and all the correct treatments can be applied, but healing will not occur. Thus, a person’s emotions and mindset are also very interconnected with the physical interworkings of their body.


Complete Healing


Given the intricate physical and mental interconnections of human beings, only partial healing, at best, can be achieved when only visible symptoms are addressed. This is why it is essential to address the whole person to create complete healing.