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Cash, checks (with prior approval),

and most major credit cards


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Cancellation Policy


24-hour notice required


Because business needs are generally unique to each business, Imagine If Coaching and  Consulting will work with each business to create a customized statement of work that contains one or more of the services offered.









Define company vision

Define company values

Defining business scope

Defining niches                                                                                                                    




Define company goals

Aligning values and goals




Business and project plans

Review of business strategies

Review of pricing strategy




Review of website and marketing material

Targeting the right customers


Leadership & Teamwork


Leadership training

Team & organizational dynamics

Building high performance teams

Decision making strategies

Conflict Management

Defining boundaries

Leveraging employee skills

Empowering employees for business success


Innovation & Quality


Service Quality

Creating a new perspective

Process improvement

Techniques for driving innovation & breaking through roadblocks

Identifying and challenging limiting beliefs

Identifying and clearing blockages

The "Why" Exercise

Breaking patterns & creating change





Small Business Getting Started Package   ($500)

Customized to the business' needs, the package includes assistance with website

materials/website review, assistance creating a marketing plan, assistance with

pricing for the market, and techniques for managing your clients.

Available only to businesses with 10 or less employees.




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