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Since living beings are all energy, our Self-Care offers are designed to help you address your energetic health. Consequently, our offerings are excellent for healthy people and can also supplement medical or therapeutic care.


We have energy  treatments that can  address physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues. As such, each treatment is focused on a specific issue.  Many techniques revolve around clearing unneeded or stagnant energy from your energy field to restore healthier energy.


We have a variety of energy-centered wellness services. Some of the techniques we use are: Healing Touch, singing bowls, and past life regression.


What self-care service is right for you?

You may desire to experience a specific type of energy treatment or you may be looking to address a specific issue.  Check out our listing of self-care services offered or contact us and let us help you find the treatment that best serves your needs.





Click here  for a complete listing of self-care services and packages offered.



What can you expect from a self-care session?


Self-care sessions are one-on-one and fully customized to the client’s needs. Most sessions are held face-to-face. Remote sessions are available for when using some techniques. Some sessions may include techniques and information for follow-up care at home.

Personal Development


Our personal development offers are designed to help you grow and change at your own pace. As life coaches, we provide you tools and techniques to assist you in your journey. Given no two people are the same,  we customize our services specifically for each person.


Our goal is to provide tools and techniques that allow you to explore who you are. Thus, allowing you to make the best choices for your life.  Therefore, allowing you to transform your life into the  life of your dreams.


Is personal development right for you?


You may want to consider personal development if . . .

  • You feel stuck
  • Your life needs energizing
  • You feel like life is passing you by
  • Your creativity could use a boost, or
  • You desire to experience more joy in life.


Additionally, personal development is ideal for people who are looking for their passion in life, are going through life transitions, want to break through blockages,  and more!




Click here for a complete listing of personal development services and packages offered.



What can you expect from a personal development session?


Personal development sessions are one-on-one and fully customized to your needs. The specific techniques, number of sessions, and pace of progress are all determined based on your particular situation and schedule.


Additionally, the tools and techniques  used are varied based on your learning style, but  often lean toward experiential methods.

Business Coaching


Our business coaching offers are designed specifically for small businesses under 50 employees.  They are designed to help clients that 

  • Desire to start a small business
  • Have a relatively new small business
  • Would like to grow their existing business, or
  • Desire to update their image.


We can assist with determining your niche, creating a brand,  designing marketing materials,  providing website considerations, and more.


In order to create the best solutions for your business, we involve you in the development of any business processes or materials.  Whereas you know your business best, you will often have the opportunity to combine our ideas with your own to create amazing solutions. In other situations, we will take your inputs to generate processes or materials for your company. You will, of course, have final say on any and all materials.


We would like to help you turn your dream of a successful small business into a reality!





Click here for a complete listing of business coaching services and packages offered.



What can you expect from a business coaching session?


Your needs are the primary key to the business coaching provided. Thus, it is customized for each client. Business coaching generally consists of meetings with you and your staff if applicable.  Additionally,  all parties involved will likely be required to do work outside of the meetings.



Our services should never be used as a replacement for medical services or therapy.

  • If you have a medical, emotional or mental health condition, please consult a qualified health care provider.