Business Coaching services are designed specifically for small businesses under 50 employees. We can assist with determining your niche, creating a brand, designing marketing materials, providing website considerations, and more.


In order to create the best solutions for your business, we involve you in the development of any business processes or materials. Since you know your business best, you will often have the opportunity to combine our ideas with your own to create amazing solutions. In other situations, we will take your inputs to generate processes or materials for your company. You will, of course, have final say on any and all materials.

Is business coaching right for you?

Our business coaching is designed to help clients who desire to start a small business, would like to turn a hobby into extra income, have a relatively new business, or would like to grow their existing business.   For those considering a new business, we can provide you with considerations for starting a business, marketing assistance, and more.  For those that are more established, we can assist you with updating your image, implementing new processes, and with moving into a leadership role as the company expands.

What can you expect from a business coaching session?

Your needs are the primary key to the business coaching provided.  Business coaching generally consists of meetings with you and your staff, if applicable. Additionally, all parties involved will likely be required to do work outside of the meetings. We know that each client is unique.  Therefore, we offer both standard offerings and complete custom packages.




Check out the packages below.  If you have a need that does not directly map to the packages, contact us.  We will be happy to discuss your need with you and provide you with a free no-obligation quote for customized services.





Business Review Package

  • Review of business plan
  • Review of  marketing plan
  • General Guidance on starting a business
  • Designed for non-retail businesses

Getting Started Package

  • Create a business plan
  • Create a marketing plan
  • Basic business setup
  • Designed for non-retail businesses

Marketing Package

  • Website review/content design
  • Marketing plan
  • Review of marketing materials
  • Pricing assistance

Customer Experience Package

  • Look at business end to end from customer perspective
  • Assess Business Website
  • Evaluate marketing materials
  • Review appointment policy
  • Review payment policy
  • Assess space & other considerations

Business Leadership Package

  • Coaching for the leader(s) of a small/medium growing business
  • Move from being a business owner to a leader of your business
  • Addresses typical growing pains
  • Addresses concerns specific to your business





Our services should never be used as a replacement for medical services or therapy.

If you have a medical, emotional or mental health condition, please consult a qualified health care provider