Our Life Coaching services are designed to help you on your life journey!We support you in the process of understanding who you are, what you are doing today that sabotages you in achieving your goals, and what you can do to transform your life into the life of your dreams.


We can address issues that are affecting you physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.  Some people seek assistance with relationship issues while others desire career enhancement or personal development.


We provide tools, techniques, and guidance to assist you in addressing your specific situation. You control the pace as you make changes to your thoughts, mindset, and behaviors.

In addition to individual sessions, we also offer events designed to allow groups of individuals to learn about themselves and these techniques in a safe, fun setting.  Although these experiences are educational, they are also enjoyable events that serve as positive shared experiences. If you have a club, organization, or a group of friends that would like to have a group experience using these techniques, we are happy to accommodate your group.


What Life Coaching service is right for you?

You may desire to select a service to address a specific issue, such as feeling stuck, seeking your passion, or releasing the pain of a bad breakup.  On the other hand, you may desire coaching as you go through a life transition or to increase the joy you experience in your life.


If you are unsure of the service that is right for you or have questions, contact us. We will be happy help you determine which service might best meet your needs.


What can you expect from a Life Coaching session?

Life Coaching sessions are customized to your needs, whether one-on-one sessions or group events. For one-on-one sessions, the specific techniques, number of sessions, and pace of progress are all determined based on your particular situation and schedule. Additionally, the tools and techniques used are varied based on your learning style. Depending on your situation and preferences, some mind-body healing techniques may be incorporated into life coaching sessions. Most one-on-one sessions last an hour and can be done in-person or remotely via video conference.


Our role is to be life coaches – not counselors or therapists.  We act as a sounding board, help you explore and learn, challenge your perspective occasionally, and share insights when appropriate


We offer the following individual services, packages, and group events.  We are also happy to combine these services with our mind-body healing services or create a custom package just for you.  Use the buttons below to request services or additional information.




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Individual Sessions

Life Coaching

  • Life coaching for a variety of items listed on this page and more
  • Customized plan specific to you
  • Often this is on-going
  • Purchase in 1-hour increments

Finding Your Authentic Self

  • You will be guided through a series of exercises that will help you identify your authentic self
  • Identify beliefs and values
  • Learn strategies for being your authentic self
  • 1.5-hour session

Forgiveness & Releasing

  • Explore strategies for achieving forgiveness
  • Release negativity and unneeded relationships
  • Uses a variety of techniques
  • Purchase in 1-hour increments




Exploring Your Story

  • Explore how you can change the stories you tell about yourself  to create change in your life.
  • Fun activities lead to true change
  • 3 1-hour sessions
Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams
  • Utilize various techniques to turn your dreams into reality. 
  • Work with key attributes of manifestation and make it happen for you.
  • 5 1-hour sessions

Finding Your Passion

  • You will be guided through a series of exercises that will uncover your passion.
  • 3 1.5-hour sessions

Exploring Your Voice

  • Learning to listen to yourself and focus on what you most value.
  • Helpful not only in uncovering your desires, but also in helping you to speak with your true voice.
  • 5 1-hour sessions

Creating Your Vision

  • Use mind mapping, vision boards, and other techniques to create a vision for your home, life, relationships, or career.
  • 3 1.5-hour sessions

Getting Fear Out of the Way

  • Use mind mapping, vision boards, and other techniques to create a vision for your home, life, relationships, or career.
  • 5 1-hour sessions

Breaking Through Blockages

  • Identify what is getting in the way  and keeping you stuck, clear blockages, and move past them.
  • Useful for writer’s/artist’s block as well as life in general.
  • 5 1-hour sessions

Identifying Patterns & Creating Change

  • Identifying where you are, clearing current patterns and clear your energy so you can move forward.
  • Useful for managing career or personal transitions.
  • 3 1-hour sessions

Charting Your Course

  • Take a look at where you have been, where you are, and chart a course for the future.

  • Can include career planning, relationship goals and more
  • Create a vision & goals
  • Get distractions out of the way
  • 5 1-hour sessions

Group Events¹














Working with Boundaries

  • Discussion about the importance of boundaries

  • Examples and demonstrations of boundaries at work
  • Techniques for maintaining healthy boundaries

$125 (up to 5 people)

$20 per person for each additional person²

Plan Event

Finding Your Voice

  • Presentation and fun activities related to finding your voice

  • Explore finding your voice and share your experience with friends

  • Practice speaking your truth

$125 (up to 5 people)

$20 per person for each additional person²

Plan Event

Empowering Yourself & Others

  • Presentation and fun activities that help your personal power shine

  • Practice using your personal power

  • Learn about the power of empowering others

$125 (up to 5 people)

$20 per person for each additional person²

Plan Event

Power of Forgiveness

  • Presentation about gratitude and forgiveness

  • Learn various techniques for creating true forgiveness

  • Release people, places, and more that are unneeded

$125 (up to 5 people)

$20 per person for each additional person²

Plan Event

Custom Presentation

  • A customized presentation with activities on a topic related to life coaching, energy, or healing.

  • Length varies

  • Cost is based on length and content

$150 and up

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¹ Group Events are held at a site at a location you provide.

² Discounts available for large groups



Our services should never be used as a replacement for medical services or therapy.

If you have a medical, emotional or mental health condition, please consult a qualified health care provider.