General Approach

We take a holistic approach to helping our clients, providing our clients with a range of services.  We provide services across the spectrum of self-care and personal development.  Additionally, we provide business consulting for those clients that would like to build and grow a small business.


We work with our clients to determine the best approach given the issues that they would like to address.  Often clients choose a variety of services that combine to address their issues.


We focus on providing tools, techniques, and guidance so that our clients can achieve their goals.  Ultimately, it is up to the client whether they are willing to make an effort to heal, grow, and/or change. Our goal is for our clients to leave every session or class better equipped to handle their situation.


The client’s needs are always the focus of our sessions. The client will never have to fit “our” 6-class or 12-step program.  Instead, all of our sessions are  designed specifically to address the client’s needs.  Although discounts are offered for packages, no contracts or upfront commitments are required. Therefore, the client continues to work with us because they feel they are progressing rather than because of contractual agreements.




People are at their best when they have a healthy energy system.  Thus, our self-care offerings are designed to help people maintain a healthy energy system. Our self-care sessions  focus on clearing  and transforming the client’s energy to promote healing and wellness.  The client is always an active participant and may be given follow-up techniques to perform at home.  This is particularly true when receiving a series of sessions to address related issues.


Personal Development


Our personal development offerings assist clients in getting to better understand themselves, where they want to be in life, and how to achieve their desires. To achieve these goals the personal development sessions focus on providing the client tools, techniques, and guidance to allow them to grow and develop.  Whether a client comes to us for a single session or long-term coaching, we spend time working with the client to ensure a complete understanding of  the issue that the person wishes to address.  Then, we  select the approach that is the best fit for the client.


Our role is to be a life coaches – not counselors or therapists.  We act as a sounding board, help clients explore and learn, challenge a client’s perspective occasionally, and share insights when appropriate.


Business Coaching


Our Business coaching services  focuses on small businesses.  We help clients start a business or expand an existing small business. We also help clients turn a hobby or interest into extra income. Since our business coaching offers are designed for the small business owner, they vary as much as our clients.  Each person is at a different stage in building their business; thus, a variety of sessions and activities are appropriate. 


Classes & Events


Additionally, we teach classes and workshops focused primarily on

  • Self-care/Energy
  • Personal Development.


Our classes and workshops allow potential clients to see if they like our approach.  Additionally, many attendees find it beneficial to learn from other attendees’ experience.


Classes are available on-line and in person in the Denver Metro area.


Keys to Success


The key to all our services is the client as true change only comes from within. By having the client fully engaged in every aspect of the process and focusing on issues that are truly important to the client, the client feels they are a partner in the process, increasing their chance for success.

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  • Consider the whole person
  • Customized services
  • No long-term contracts
  • Client engagement







Our services should never be used as a replacement for medical services or therapy.

If you have a medical, emotional or mental health condition, please consult a qualified health care provider.