General Approach

Our primary philosophy driving our approach is the belief that each individual, business, and situation is unique. Therefore, whether a client comes to us for a single session or a series of sessions, we spend time working with the client to ensure a complete understanding of  the client’s goals. We create an initial plan based on the information provided by the client. The plan is adjusted as we move forward depending on the client’s needs, new information that comes to light, and any additional challenges that arise.

We consider ourselves partners with the client in achieving the client’s goal.  We provide techniques, tools, and guidance.  Meanwhile, the client brings not only a desire to make improvement, but also a willingness to put in the effort required to reach their goals.


Individual Clients

When a client comes to see us for one of our non-business services, we assess the client from a whole person perspective. We consider where the client is today and their desired end goal. From there, we work with the client to identify the types of services that would best serve their needs. Often clients combine a variety of our services to achieve their goals.


The client is always an active participant in all sessions.  Depending on the particular type of service, they may also be given follow-up techniques and activities to perform at home.  This is particularly true when receiving a series of sessions to address related issues.


Although discounts are offered for packages, no contracts or upfront commitments are required for services for individuals. Therefore, the client continues to work with us because they feel they are progressing rather than because of contractual agreements.


Business Clients

Our business coaching services are designed specifically for the small business owner. Thus, business clients vary as much as our individual clients. Each person is at a different stage in building their business; thus, each has unique needs and goals.


We offer both packages and customized services.  We will provide our business clients with a statement of work, invoice, and pay plan agreement.


Group Events


For group events and small businesses we will work with the contact person to define the project scope and goals. We will provide the group with a statement of work (scope of event), invoice, and a pay plan agreement.


Our classes and workshops allow potential clients to see if they like our approach.  Additionally, many attendees find it beneficial to learn from other attendees’ experience.


Public Events/Classes

We offer online and in-person events.  These events are a great way to get to know us and an inexpensive way to have fun and learn. The in-person events are located in the Front Range area.  Public events are advertised via our Meetup – Everything Is Energy. Members of that Meetup get notices of all upcoming public events.


Keys to Success


The client is key to all our services because true change only comes from within. As such, we fully engage the client in every aspect of the process with a focus on issues that are truly important to them. By being a partner in the process, the client’s chances of success are substantially increased.

Our approach
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  • Consider the whole person or situation
  • Customized services
  • No long-term contracts
  • Client engagement




Our services should never be used as a replacement for medical services or therapy.

If you have a medical, emotional or mental health condition, please consult a qualified health care provider.