Our space Healing services involve assessing your home or office space to identify anything that feels stagnant, out of balance, or unwelcoming. We then recommend  changes to improve the energy of the space. Changes can be in the form of removing items, re-purposing items to change their energy, moving  items, or clearing the energy of the space or specific items.


Is Space Healing right for you?

You may want to consider space healing if you feel drained when you are in your home, your office, or a specific room. A desire to change your own energy and make room for new things in your life is also a good reason to schedule a session .  In addition, this process can be beneficial as a routine practice from time to time to re-energize the space and make it feel more alive and welcoming!


If you have questions,  contact us and we will be happy to work with you to answer your questions and find the best service to address your needs.


What can you expect from a Space Healing session?

Space healing may be performed for home or office space, including both indoor and outdoor space. Multiple sessions may be required depending on the size of the space and specific details to be addressed.  Generally, sessions last two to four hours.


Our service consists of assessing the space and making recommendations for change to improve the energy of the space.  However, it is your responsibility to determine which changes are ultimately made. We do not make changes to the space.


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We offer the following space healing packages and group events.   Use the buttons below to request services or additional information.

Note:  The services listed below are restricted to the Front Range area given the need to visit the home or office. 




Healing Your Space Package

Custom Pricing

Select Service

  • Evaluation of the energy int he space
  • Recommendations for changes to re-energize the space
  • Pricing based on size of space and options selected

Group Events

Healing Your Space – Group Event

$250 (up to 15 people)

Plan Event

  • Get you and your friends together to help heal your space
  • Receive guidance on the steps to take to identify energetic issues
  • Receive guidance on clearing energy
  • A fun and energizing 2 hours


Payment & Cancellation Policies  




Our services should never be used as a replacement for medical services or therapy.

If you have a medical, emotional or mental health condition, please consult a qualified health care provider.